Motion Custom Works is me, Andrew Pih. I am an amp designer & builder based in Lancashire, England.
All of my amps are hand built by me to order.
I have an obsessive focus on detail & quality, each piece is unique and treated with love and care.

I am happy to provide estimates for standard items as well as custom orders. Please contact me for details and lead times.


With a background in engineering, and years of working in the music industry including playing in and touring with recording bands, I decided to start designing my own amps. Motivated by the increasing rarity of classic amps, the cost of quality clones and a genuine need for something more portable, I came up with an amp that combined the best of British and American sounds, within one neat 1x12 combo. 

I shared this creation with a few close friends and quickly realised I had something worth pursuing. As orders started to come in, designing and building amps swiftly became a full time job.....and obsession.

My ethos for making amps remains, each piece is designed and built by me using the best materials and components I can get.
Currently, the cabs are handmade one at a time by a 75 year old master cabinet maker and the bespoke hardware is the result of a collaboration with a local, family run machine shop. The process is slow, but the quality is high and I am able to keep costs low.  

The amps are still evolving, each design delivering something different to the last, but increasingly more focused.

For images and musings on my work and other related stuff, check out my news page or follow me on Facebook and instagram.