18W Class AB

Valve tremolo
Hand turned wooden footswitch with 15' silk braided cable

2x10 Ceramic Jensen
1x12 Ceramic Jensen

W 24" x H 18" x D 10" 38lbs

I wanted to find a balance between a perfectly voiced guitar tone with a fair amount of power and portability, something that could deliver the shimmering clean tone of the early 60's Blackface amps and the midrange growl of the mighty Hiwatt DR103.....this is where I began the design for the 4G8B1.
Voiced for the player who wants headroom, definition and controllable breakup all the way through the volume range, putting out 18 watts through a pair of NOS Russian Mil-Spec 6V6's.
The Normal channel was aimed for the single coil user, the top end EQ is focused around the high mids so you can cut the mix with ease whilst the bright channel suits humbuckers and higher output single coils such as P90's, linking the channels will bring another dimension to your sound.
The bias driven tremolo circuit produces a rich milky sound and provides a useful range of speeds.

Priced from £1429


"It has all the sonic qualities of a classic 60's Fender Deluxe and Vox AC30's with a vibrato that simply kicks the ass of any other vibrato I've ever come across. In short, this amp sounds freaking amazing!"   Joss, Distant City Recording