18W Class AB

2x10 Ceramic Jensen
1x12 Ceramic Jensen

W 24" x H 18" x D 10" 32lbs

Following on from the theme of low wattage amps that sound much bigger than their size I began the design of the 3G8C1. I wanted an amp that crossed the line, an amp that had the soul and touch of a vintage gem with the guts and grind of a hot-rodded modern amp.
Putting out 18 watts through a pair of NOS Russian Mil-Spec 6V6 valves, at moderate to medium levels the amp delivers crisp crunch with incredible definition but wind the volume past the 1/2 way mark, the amp delivers wide open crunch with minimal compression.

Priced from £1449


"It's honestly the best amp I've ever used."  Marc, Mojo Pickups