12W Class AB

Valve tremolo
Hand turned wooden footswitch with 15' silk braided cable

2x10 Ceramic Jensen
1x15 Ceramic Jensen

W 22" x H 20" x D 10" 38lbs

There is something magical about cathode biased amps that has always struck a chord with me, balance that with an oversized cabinet and you get an amp that can fill any room.
The 3G8B1 was the product of a conversion with a studio owner friend who wanted a recording amp that gave his clients the sound of the classic early 1960's Fender amps and the rich, ballsy midrange punch of the Tweed series tone when pushed.
Putting out 12 watts at 8ohm through a pair of NOS Russian Mil-Spec 6V6 valves, at moderate to medium levels the low end is rich and percussive, the valve rectifier softens the attack just enough to allow the midrange and top end to bloom, but it is when the amp is pushed that the 3G8B1 starts to sing, the break up is sweet and beautifully controllable.  The bias driven tremolo circuit is rich and goes from slow and hypnotic to pulse like Univibe.

Priced from £1449